Meet Kristy Glassick
Founder, GlassickUX

A native of the Washington, DC area, Kristy Glassick founded GlassickUX, LLC in December 2016 after discovering her passion for user experience (UX) and web design. She believes in the altruistic nature of UX, creating products that delight owners and customers alike. Since founding the company, she's partnered with businesses and organizations from every industry - from wineries to government contractors to corporate training programs - to design beautiful, intuitive, and easy-to-manage websites and products.


She believes in working alongside her clients to guarantee the product reflects their personality and voice, delivering finished products faster and at a lower price point than traditional agencies.

Kristy in 5

It's Friday night. Where you at?

Watching a bad movie with my Bad Movie Club compadres. Based on the How Did This Get Made? podcast, once a month we pick out a truly poorly-made film, eat delicious grub, and kick back to revel in the hilarity.

You're on a desert island, and you can only bring two movies (that's right... no food or water, but you have a working TV & Blu-Ray). What're you watching for the rest of eternity?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Fargo. Easy. I could listen to Frances McDormand say "Oh yaa?" all day. Every day.


I'm in Washington, DC for one day only. How do I spend that glorious 24 hours?

Go visit the amazing wineries out off Route 66, go to Lost Dog Cafe for a gourmet sandwich, then go to a concert at 930 club


Favorite breed of dog.

I am the proud human to two cuddly dachshunds and a mixed breed who can only be described as a fabulous, albeit slow, furry little guy. So, I'm biased.

Last, but not least: describe yourself using only 15 words.

Design nut. Artist. Craft beer nerd. Spin instructor. Goat enthusiast. People person. Incredibly optimistic. Driven.

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Headquartered in the Washington, DC
metro area

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